Poll results

I’ll take it. As of 17 December, 2006 – these are the results.

56% of all voters are either “Curious Consumer” or “Active Buyer or Seller.”

39% of all voters are either “Real estate Professional” or “Related Real estate field”


These results are better than I had hoped for, as they show me that more readers may be prospects that fellow real estate professionals. This gives me an opportunity to educate more people and potentially connect with more prospective buyers and sellers in the Charlottesville area, which has become a goal of this blog.

Transparency has become a persistent theme in the real estate world, as it has in politics. The more sunlight there is on something, the better that thing will be. No more secrets, no more hiding suspect activities in dark corners. The more everybody knows – Realtors and consumers alike – the better my/our profession will be.

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I took the following screenshots a few weeks ago –

Where are my readers coming from?

Where are readers from?
Of the readers in Charlottesville, how are they connecting?

Broadband or dialup?

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