DNS issues

I have apparently been having DNS issues with my main site, jduncanrealestate, for about 36 hours now.  This is extraordinarily frustrating, as I just switched my mail to go through Google and now this. My transition to my other site, provided by the excellent Ubertor is going to have to happen much sooner than anticipated. And that’s just what I have been doing for the past five hours.

Update: Here is my email to my host.

In order to get email to work, I have to run my mail through Google. To do this, I have to change the cname and MX records. To do this, I have to point the server to Network Solutions’ servers.  And this, in turn, causes my site to go down.

So – here’s my quandary. I am in the unfortunate position of choosing to have either email or a website, because apparently having both is now impossible.

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