Re-Visiting Thursday’s Radio Appearance on WINA

Another packed hour with Coy Barefoot on Charlottesville Right-Now! last week – I love doing radio. The time always seems to fly by so fast –

– The referenced discussion with Michael and Greg.
Search site is fixed (it was broken)
– The Charlottesville real estate market update for 1st Quarter 2009
– Charlottesville does seem to be tracking about six to twelve months behind the Northern Virginia market – take Loudoun County for example.
– What do we need to know to know that the current, possible market is stable? We need 18 months of hindsight.
– Regarding assessments’ relation to market value: there are three valuations – appraisals, assessments, market value – they all have different customers and different goals.
– Days on Market in Charlottesville area trending downward (likely due to seasonality)
– Short sales, foreclosures and pride – pride stings for a little while, but you’re not alone. Be honest with yourselves and your Realtor.
– One of my all time favorite stories – Sold Comps Matter Less.
– What Sellers and Buyers absolutely must do in this market.
How to search for a home in Charlottesville without a Realtor – an awesome post by one of my buyer clients.
– A plug or two for Nest Realty Group.
The referenced Zillow study about under water homeowners.
– Sellers need to check the MLS and check up on their Realtor representation …
– A good discussion about real estate video … of which I’m doing a lot more of now – neighborhood tours, property previews, marketing sellers’ homes …

More to come about the off-air phone call regarding pricing homes based on the property assessment, using video to market homes and neighborhoods, foreclosures and short sales …

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