Looking for School Information in Charlottesville or Albemarle (or beyond)?

Mmmmm …. data.

ProPublica has released/aggregated a lot of information on Central Virginia schools.

Oddly, neither Greene County nor Nelson County are listed.

Charlottesville City Schools

Albemarle County Schools

Fluvanna County Schools

Louisa County Schools

Further, if you have something to add to their data, there’s a “share your insights and analysis” page.

What a useful time to remind folks to check your school district before you buy . Redistricting happens. And school districts matter.

Also, Great Schools is a useful resource, but nothing can replace talking to parents and visiting schools.

Schools: keep in mind that you (should be) are competing and that the education quality you offer matters. On every level. (don’t cheat)

(h/t cvillenews)



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