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After Nearly Two Weeks with My Nexus, The Verdict is …

I love technology (when it works and adds value to my life – work and personal)

I had a Droid Pro. I really liked it, particularly the keyboard. Now I’ve gone Nexus. Galaxy, that is.


– The screen is fantastic.

– It’s fast. Very, very fast.

– Folders are very useful.

– The panoramic feature is easy and extremely useful. The camera itself is very fast.

– The phone itself feels good in my pocket and hand. Not too light, not too heavy.


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Lawrence Yun is Right (My take on the NAR’s Revisions)

“From a consumer’s perspective, only the local market information matters and there are no changes to local multiple listing service (MLS) data or local supply-and-demand balance, or to local home prices,” Yun explained. (business insider)

True. Ignore the NAR. Read local real estate analysis.

If you’re looking for insight into and analysis about the Charlottesville area real estate market, start here.

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