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It’s amazing how often I refer to this blog in conversations with clients and even fellow agents. Here are a few of the stories I have written over the last two+ years that answer many questions real estate buyers, sellers and others may find interesting, and hopefully useful.

Top 5 Questions Home Buyers Ask … and what your Realtor can’t answer them.

Where do you search for homes in Charlottesville? There’s more than the MLS

Rolling the Dice with Buyers & Being Selective– why jumping in the car with anybody who wants to see a house is neither the most efficient nor most professional use of a Realtor’s time

The Value of Transparent Blogging

Out of area lenders – the answer to why one should work with a local lender; in short – accountability.

Questions to ask your agent in Charlottesville – hiring representation should not be taken lightly

Sexual Offenders impact on property values (Part 2)

Default Position – one of many posts written on the perils of Dual Agency – for the frequently unsuspecting Buyers but for the Realtor profession as well.

What is a Buyer’s Broker?

“Exclusively marketed by” (related post) – when you see the signs on developments that say “Exclusively marketed by,” it may not mean what you think it means.

CLUE Reports’ impact on real estate – ever heard of a CarFax report? A CLUE report is very similar, and potentially much more impactful.

My very first post

Market Statistics Category – on Realtors, the market and pictures.

Charlottesville Realtor and Marketing Stats

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  1. UVA08 March 22, 2007 at 14:19

    Jim I was wondering if you caught the latest census estimates for our area? What do you make of the discrepancies between the census estimates and Weldon? The Census estimates have Albemarle’s population at 92K as of last july which keeps its pace of 1500 new residents a year rather steady.

    Here is the link BTW:

  2. Jim Duncan March 22, 2007 at 14:48

    I had not seen that, but it jives quite well with another story I am working on.


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