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Forum Watch

In the meantime, below is the Forum Watch in full.IN THIS ISSUE: Important Dates Zoning Issues Master PlanningWater Supply Transportation Policy Other Land Use Editorial Important Dates July 26 – Charlottesville Planning Commission Work Session on Zoning Ordinance Amendments 5:30 pm CCH August 1 – Albemarle County Mountaintop Overlay Committee meeting 4:00 pm ACOBAugust 3 – Nelson County Board of Supervisors work session zoning 6:00pm NCCAugust 3 – Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting 9:00 am ACOBAugust 9 – Nelson County Board of Supervisors work session –Zoning 6:00pm NCCAugust 9 – Charlottesville Planning Commission Public Hearing Zoning Ordinance Changes 6:30 pm CCH August 9 – Greene County Board of Supervisors meeting – Senior Tax Abatement GCAB ACOB – Albemarle County Office Building CCH- Charlottesville City HallGCAB – Greene County Administration BuildingNCC – Nelson County Courthouse Return to Top Transportation Policy Meadowcreek Parkway – A significant effort is continues to generate federal transportation dollars to fund the construction of an interchange at McIntire and 250…. Neighborhood Development staff is researching the issue it is anticipated the NDS staff report will be presented in September to the Charlottesville Planning Commission.Return to Top Zoning Issues Albemarle County Neighborhood Model Zoning Text Amendment – The previous iteration of the ZTA is now available online at Albemarle County staff held a focused discussion on March 31st 2004 to discuss the changes to the zoning with members of the development, building, real estate and community at large…. To see the deadlines and the costs of this project please see the report at The Free Enterprise Forum does not have a preferred option but appreciates that each of the options under consideration is designed to meet the projected 50 year need for water in the community…. A map of the study area can be found here to TopOther Land Use Natural Heritage Committee – In a split decision (3-2 Mr. Dorrier absent) the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors approved the creation of The Natural Heritage Committee to advise the Board of Supervisors on The Natural Heritage of Albemarle County and to report on the impacts of future development may have on the bio-diversity of the County.

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What Housing Bubble?

Our strong housing market is a function of myriad factors with real economic underpinnings: low interest rates, local job growth, the emotional attachment one has for one’s home, one’s view of one’s future earning- power, and parental contributions, all have done their part to contribute to rising home prices. Over the past quarter-century, there has been an explosion of second-home purchases, a continued influx of immigrants, and a significant reduction in existing housing inventory through tear-downs…. Speculators are Driving Home Prices: The media today is chock-full of stories of day-trading dot-com refugees who have found their calling buying homes and condos “on spec,” with the hope of flipping the property for a higher price…. The Charlottesville/Central VA market has a lot of speculative buyers who are taking out second mortgages on their primary residences, home equity lines, etc. Should rates rise and they stop buying, our market very likely will see a decrease in the rapid appreciation in home values – not an altogether bad thing.

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Water may be coming soon

We are getting closer to a possible resolution to our water infrastructure woes. WINA reports that The Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority has been considering four options; one is the favorite, one is still in the running, and the remaining two are running at the back of the pack. Authority Director Tom Frederick says a final choice will be sent to regulators in February, 2006.The saga continues. It will be interesting to see just how much actual input we have with the federal regulators.

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