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A bit of a take-off of the “ask the agent” feature that some of the other real estate blogs have been doing of late – I have taken some of the more interesting or pertinent search phrases that have led visitors to this blog.

Should you get title insurance?

Yes, in most cases. Penny-wise, pound foolish. In most cases, title insurance costs a percentage of the sales price. If you choose not to purchase owners’ coverage (lenders’ coverage is required by the lender) think about the hassle and cost that would come from having to hire an attorney for at least several hours …

Broker’s agreement w/ buyer VA

Here is my explanation for that.

How the real estate cartel harms consumer

I don’t think there is a “cartel”. Real estate is an enormously competitive industry.

Is ivy road in charlottesville walkable?

Much of the Ivy Road that is close to the City of Charlottesville is, but the part of Ivy Road known better as 250 West is not. Old Ivy Road is if you’re daring and brave – particularly under either bridge.

Real estate, what does pending mean?

Active: Actively on the market
Contingent: Under contract, with contingencies such as home inspection or financing
Pending: All contingencies have been satisfied and both parties are waiting to close.

Do you have any questions that you would like answered?

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