February 2021 Charlottesville Area Market Update

The Charlottesville real estate market is … bonkers.

With a broad brush, most houses are moving quickly right now; the velocity of this market is unlike anything I, and every Realtor I talk to, have ever seen. I wrote more about the market in last month’s note, and will be writing more about it in March’s note. Please subscribe here if you’re interested.

This a long conversation with Matt Hodges and me, where we talk about the Charlottesville market.

Market Snapshots

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    Two of the many reasons that I write these posts:

    • Looking at the market through this lens better prepares me to represent buyer or seller clients. A broader look vs the narrow-per-client look is valuable.
    • I’d like to look back in 5 or 10 years and see what the market was doing, and what I thought about it.
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