Thursday Links 07-20-2006

Platitude-free punditry about rail

Changes in the Housing Market are reshaping cities.

Where are the bike routes in the Charlottesville?

D.C.’s affordability rule gets shot down.

The rule would require developers to make up to 10 percent of their units affordable to households with incomes of no more than 80 percent of the region’s $90,300 median for a family of four. The rule would apply to projects with 10 or more living units.

Albemarle’s Affordable Housing Report and more on Albemarle’s similar affordable housing calculations

Geographical perspective on the Mid East

The power of real estate blogging – the Long Tail perspective

Hence: My IM addresses:

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Email is Old School. No, not Old School.

Fascinating podcast with Bob Gibson. Regarding newspapers: “You’re looking at a dinosaur.” And you wonder why I tend not to advertise in print media so much.

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