Growth in Albemarle

Fresh off her recent accolades, Jessica Kitchin with the DP brings us two excellent stories this morning on Growth. First up is an overview of where Albemarle County is today. The second story is the first in a series of growth articles to come this week.

Albemarle is becoming much, much more segmented and defined as such by the various developments associated with those segments – Old Trail in Crozet, Biscuit Run to the (slightly) South, 29 North and Pantops Mountain. 

One thing to be added (for now) is this –

County officials have said the issue was merely one of miscommunication, and they hope that as the vision of the Master Plan plays out – and as they seek more funding to provide infrastructure – residents will find renewed faith.

When government asks the public to have faith in their actions rather than form opinions based on their prior actions – watch out.
There are so many desired and unintended consequences related to growth – it is excruciatingly difficult to manage them all.

I am left with two questions – if we don’t grow, what happens? And – what do we do and talk about after the growth?

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  1. TrvlnMn August 13, 2006 at 18:26

    Here’s a thought I’ve just had- What does the county gain by holding off on the infrastructure improvements they promised with regard to Crozet development? Well in addition to the avoiding obvious financial issues. By waiting and holding off on the infrastructure improvements until there are really problems- the BoS gets the added advantage of foisting unappealing options on the community- because by the time they get around to doing what they should’ve already done they’re hoping the community will be happy to have something done, that they’ll overlook the fact that it’s a) not the solution they wanted or b) a less than perfect solution.

    The other thought I had was.. can’t Crozet decide to incorporate? and/or try to garner “town” status? Would that give the residence a level of more self determination and voice than they currently (according to the news articles) feel they have?

    Just thoughts anyway.