What do we do if the population exceeds optimal levels?

As mentioned in June on Charlottesville Tomorrow’s site in June, and approved by the Board of Supervisors, Advocates for a Sustainable Population (ASAP) have received an additional $11k from the City of Charlottesville (you may have to scroll down) for their study to research what is the “optimal population” for the City and County.

As I’ve noted before, and I may be simplifying the matter – how does the government enforce an “optimal population”? Is it a hard number?

Defining and enforcing this “policy” would be a multi-edged sword –

1) those who currently reside within these areas would probably see their property values rise but
1b) there are fewer buyers out there as the mortgage money dries up

2) the surrounding counties would see more development as growth is pushed upon them – but just so long as it’s not in Charlottesville/Albemarle, I guess that’s OK (note the sarcasm)

We all share resources. Water aquifers don’t stop at the county borders. Neither do roads, nor theoretical transit plans. Pitting localities against either other – from a real estate market, from a political and from a social point of view is counter-productive and divisive.

Update 8/7/7: Naturally, Charlottesville Tomorrow has full coverage.

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  1. Sean Tubbs August 7, 2007 at 15:27

    Full audio of the ASAP discussion is posted on the Charlottesville Tomorrow weblog here. The audio of this portion begins at 28 minutes in.